The Toonpanya foundation was set up in 2011 in order to help students progress with education. The idea behind the foundation was primarily to support English programs; this was then adapted to support all students who were struggling financially. The main drive behind the foundation is to enable students to start or continue to study, the scholarships offered allow this to happen.

Toonpanya Mission Statement


To improve the education possibilities of children who need help. Whether this be through financial, volunteering, or providing business and support opportunities.


Our Aims


  1. To promote Scholarship, Morality and Ethics to children, youth and the general public.
  2. To promote the study of language and culture.
  3. To co-operate with other charities in aiding the public.
  4. To maintain independence from any political process.



The foundation seeks to help in 3 key ways;


  1. By direct donation
    By this we mean the awarding of scholarships straight to the student. If a student cannot afford the school fee of 3000 baht, the foundation will provide these funds.

  2. By setting up work shops or camps
    This relates to running English based camps at schools in and around Northern Thailand. The idea is to introduce the students to native English speakers, and work out their needs to ensure the program delivers. It also enables the scholarship to get accurate feedback about what students want and need in any particular area. We can then use this knowledge in targeting our direct donations.

  3. By helping with business or employment
    This relates to helping students either who are still in education in trainee places, or business support to those who have left education. The foundation is currently designing this program to offer support and assistance to students. We are also seeking to expand it to schools, where the aim would be to show students what employers are looking for.


We will achieve this by;


Giving scholarships to children who are disadvantaged.
- Supporting and helping children with a love for English language and History subjects
- Setting up and running the English camp every year, and specifically targeting schools that are remote and would benefit most.
Providing learning equipment and technology for remote schools that would not normally get this assistance.


Some of our work

What we do to help

Trips to help schools

We supply computers to help local schools and ensure children get the best education they can.

Support money for students at Fang Vocational Education Collage

We arrange english lessons taught by qualified professionals.