Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation


The Toonpanya Foundation is proud to administer a major scholarship programme on behalf of the Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation (“SLSF”).  This programme, which was started in 2010, has already benefitted many hundreds of students from disadvantaged backgrounds in northern Thailand and currently supports 350 to 400 students at any one time.  SLSF looks to support students who are not only in great financial need but who also show great potential and commitment to making the most of this opportunity. 


Candidates for the SLSF scholarship programme are put forward by partner organizations who work at local community level and therefore have excellent networks and experience within schools and other organizations working with children and families in their respective areas and are able to help identify students who combine the characteristics which the foundation is most interested in finding.


Partner Organizations have so far included Samsara - (based in Chiang Mai but working predominantly in Mae Hong Son province), the Karen Hill Tribes Trust (based in Khun Yuam, Mae Hong Son province), Shan Women’s Action Network - (based in Chiang Mai town but working predominantly along the Thai-Shan State border), the Blood Foundation (based in Fang, Chiang Mai province) and the Migrant Learning Centre (in Chiang Mai).  We also work with several schools and colleges (such as Fang Vocational College, Mae Hong Son Nawamin Vocational College and Chiang Mai Rajabhat in Mae Hong Son) to identify good candidates.


Once candidates have been proposed, they then undergo a rigorous application and interview process to ensure that the programme is reaching the most deserving students.  Once a student has been awarded an SLSF scholarship, he/she then receives SLSF scholarship instalments each term, delivered in person by a member of the Toonpanya team on behalf of SLSF.  Each term, every SLSF scholar will also have a further interview with one or two members of the Toonpanya team to see: how the student is doing in their studies; check grades and attendance; see if there are any problems which need resolving; discuss what the student is doing with his/her free time to support themselves and improve their prospects for the future;  check that the student continues to merit support (again, both in terms of financial need and demonstration of commitment); check that the student is not at risk of dropping out (and if so, to help try to find solutions); and discuss plans for the future and how best to achieve those aspirations. 


The SLSF programme thereby tries to ensure that it maintains a very proactive role in the student’s studies, providing not only financial support but also encouragement, guidance and help where appropriate.


For more information you can visit the SLSF website at